Cafe_D_3 Pieces Of Gear Every Coffee Lover Needs

3 Pieces Of Gear Every Coffee Lover Needs

Cafe_D_3 Pieces Of Gear Every Coffee Lover Needs

Do you really need a trucker hat that says, “but first…COFFEE” in decorative gold glitter script? Maybe. But do you really need a vintage tin sign hanging on your kitchen wall that says, “Coffee Brewed Fresh Every Hour!” Again, maybe. There are thousands of fun novelty items geared toward the coffee obsessed, but many of these aren’t truly necessary. However, these 3 items have the potential to revolutionize your coffee experience whether you’re a dedicated home brewer or a stalwart Cafe Delirium devotee.

A Quality Grind

For French press, percolator, pour-over, or just traditional Coffeemate coffeemaker users, a quality bean grinder can improve your coffee experience by a great deal. A grinder that allows for different grinds means you can brew yourself a cup with a rich head of crema or a less intense brew for late afternoon or after dinner.

Pour It Over

Speaking of coffeemakers, if you’ve yet to level up from your countertop Keurig, we strongly suggest venturing into the world of pour-over coffee. The pour-over coffee method produces far more nuanced, flavorful cups of joe than your pricey k-cups, and only require a fraction more effort. Similarly, a French press will ensure flavorful cups of coffee with a simple, easy to maintain configuration of stainless steel and glass or Pyrex.

The Perfect Roast

Finally, high-quality beans are only as good as their roast, so find a roaster you absolutely love and stock up.

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