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3 Reasons To Use Your Own Commuter Mug at Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Cafe_D_3 Reasons Use Your Own Commuter Mug at Your Favorite Coffeehouse-1

Call it your own personal, sustainable initiative, your contribution to the preservation of mother earth, or save your breath and just call it convenient, but whatever you call it, arriving at the coffeehouse with your own commuter mug is a smart choice. Here are three reasons to never be caught at your local coffee counter without your trusty commuter mug:

Your brew will stay warmer longer. If you love cold, stale, afternoon coffee, hey, we won’t try to convince you otherwise, but a fresh cup of coffee served in a commuter mug will stay comfortably warm well into your afternoon.

You may receive a discount or some other fun extra. Many local cafes have initiatives for providing your own mug, be it a nice little discount, a free refill, or a bakery treat. Everyone can appreciate a discount, and a commuter mug for your daily coffeehouse brew is a good way save on your daily coffee.

You will be doing your part to reduce unnecessary waste, keep costs low for your local coffeehouse, and save thousands of trees annually. If you still need incentive, consider how much more fun is to traipse around town with your own cozy mug rather than lugging around a paper cup, looking for a trash receptacle once you’ve finished your coffee.

Bring your commuter mug to Cafe Delirium today and let us fill it one of our signature coffee creations, a piping hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, or a fragrant tea. Visit our menu to plan your next visit.

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