Cafe_D_3 Reasons We Love Coffee More Than Tea

3 Reasons We Love Coffee More Than Tea

Cafe_D_3 Reasons We Love Coffee More Than Tea

Truthfully, we love them both, but for the purposes of this post, we’re siding with the humble bean over the modest leaf. Coffee culture reaches all corners of the globe, with variations that swing from restrained and sophisticated to wildly inventive and often preposterous (elephant poop coffee anyone?). But we love coffee for more than its global accessibility, we love it because it’s an integral part of our own society.

The Scent of Coffee in the Morning vs. The Scent of Tea

Is there a better way to start your day than with the smooth aroma of brewed coffee wafting from your kitchen counter? Even the most coffee adverse among us can recognize the appeal of coffee’s unique and compelling fragrance. Plus, it goes great with bacon.

When You Need a Productivity Boost, Coffee Helps You Get the Job Done

A stiff cup of steaming hot coffee is just what you need when your energy levels dip midday. Save the tea for winding down after work or bedtime.

Coffee is One of the World’s Most Beloved Flavor Profiles

Coffee ice cream, coffee cupcakes, coffee milkshakes; coffee as a flavor is almost as popular as it is as a drink. Aside from its own vast variety of flavors, coffee compliments many everyday flavors, making it just as at home in a desert as in a gravy or marinade.

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