Cafe_D_3 Ways To Use Coffee As A Cosmetic

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Coffee In Your Skincare Regimen

Cafe_D_3 Ways To Use Coffee As A Cosmetic

Coffee in skincare products is by no means a new invention. In fact, coffee has been used for its many skincare benefits for generations. We know that coffee has some very unique qualities that make it a perfect addition to our skincare regimens, but how many of us actually know why coffee is so great on our skin?

Allow us to share the three main reasons coffee is so beneficial to our mugs (your face mug, not your coffee mug).

  1. Caffeine works as a constrictor that can reduce both swelling and inflammation. Working parents, bleary-eyed college students, and anyone who’s ever worn their lack of sleep beneath their eyes can see the benefits of this. Target puffy eyes with skin creams featuring caffeine or coffee, or DIY your own coffee facial.
  2. Extra fine coffee grounds are a superb exfoliator, especially for your extremities. Coffee grounds remove dull skin while rejuvenating deeper layers by boosting collagen production via tannins and caffeine.
  3. Caffeine can reduce redness as experienced by sufferers of rosacea. Caffeine constricts small blood vessels and improves circulation, helping to reduce redness, so look for calming creams featuring coffee or caffeine to promote a healthy glow and evade a red visage.

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