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Are You An Ethical Coffee Drinker?

How often, if ever, are you persuaded to consider the source of your morning brews, or if they were grown in an environmentally sustainable way, or how the farmers are coping with the environmental challenges associated with climate change? Chances are, your morning concerns are far more focused on your AM routines than how you […]

Our Favorite Commuter Mugs

If you’re a daily coffee drinker, you likely already have a cherished commuter mug that accompanies you to work every morning, but if you are one of the few constant coffee drinkers not yet in the commuter cup club, allow us to present you with these few faves. Together, we can curb paper waste, reduce […]

Cold Brew and You – Why You Should Try This Coffee Trend

Iced coffee is nothing new; we’ve been slurping whipped cream topped, syrup sweetened coffee frappes for a couple of decades now, and iced lattes have been chilling the manicured fingers of shopping sophisticates since car phones were invented. Cold brew, however, is something entirely different—and the distinction should not go unnoticed. While many of the […]

3 Reasons To Compost With Coffee

Just when you thought that coffee was perfect simply by virtue of its presence in your morning mug, we come along and tell you about all the other ways coffee is useful in everyday life. From skincare to garden support, coffee’s brilliance can be utilized well outside the kitchen. As we approach spring (far sooner […]