Cafe_D_How Flavored Roasts Are Created

How Flavored Roasts Are Created

Cafe_D_How Flavored Roasts Are Created

Gourmet flavored coffees are very much a modern invention. While coffees have been flavored for centuries, the traditional methods of flavoring coffees had more to do with unique roasting methods that disguised the flavors left behind by decaffeination, oxidation or age. Since the coffeehouse renaissance of the 1990s, flavored coffees like hazelnut, vanilla, and dark chocolate have usurped basic roasts as the coffees of choice for most.

Traditionally, coffee beans were roasted with blends of nuts and spices resulting in flavors that were much more nuanced and developed than the flavored coffees we enjoy today. Coffee bean flavors vary greatly from region to region, and those antiquated methods of flavoring coffees were largely based on the area the beans were grown.

Today, flavored roasts like Irish Cream, Amaretto, and nutty blends are a result of the diligent work of flavor scientists, developing flavors from both synthetic and natural materials. Flavoring oils that coat roasted beans giving them their signature flavors are extracted from a number of surprising sources. Of course, the ubiquitous flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate can all be easily traced to their natural sources, but more complex flavors like Irish Cream or German Chocolate Cake require more scientific finessing.

Today, flavored oils are distributed over coffee that’s already been roasted, as opposed to the traditional method of roasted flavor into the beans. This process is a modern realization of the age-old technique of adding complementary flavors to coffee.

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