Cafe_D_Keep Warm With These 3 Hot Cocoa Variations-2

Keep Warm With These 3 Hot Cocoa Variations

Cafe_D_Keep Warm With These 3 Hot Cocoa Variations-2

Winter weather and hot cocoa go together like wool socks and rain boots — which to say, is a Northwest winter institution. We love assembling new and interesting variations of our fabulous hot chocolate, no matter the weather. Try one of these syrup spiked creations next time you’re craving a cocoa and something new.

Chocolate Covered Banana

State fair staple, the frozen banana dipped in rich milk chocolate and covered in crushed peanuts can be re-interpreted as a hot drink you’ll love all winter. Keep the summer memories alive by ordering our hot chocolate with shots of banana and peanut butter.

Romance Cocoa

This weather is going to get colder and wetter and then, boom, it will be Valentine’s Day. If you can’t wait that long for your dozen chocolate covered strawberries, order your cocoa with a shot of strawberry syrup for a perfectly adequate Valentine placebo.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Every holiday season, spherical chocolate oranges that split into perfect segments pop up on festive tables across the Northwest. Recreate this holiday staple by adding one shot of orange syrup to your cocoa. Terry would be proud.

Try these cocoa variations and more at Cafe Delirium. Visit our cafe today to warm up with a seasonal hot chocolate. Visit our menu to create your own fabulous winter hot drink.

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